use Biblical financial principles to become free for God’s plans

Learn how to apply God’s word on money & possessions and go deeper in your understanding in an 8-10-months online learning programme. It includes 24 video lessons, transformational activities and skills development, monthly coaching sessions and certification as a financial disciple!

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Financial discipleship journey | Level 3 “APPLY”

Financial discipleship certification program

In the previous step of my financial discipleship, I learned many biblical principles – both spiritual and practical. Now I want them to become a way of life for me.


I expect to see big changes in my life:
-to make financial decisions as a wise steward of His resources, making wise decisions.
-to resist competition from temptations and pressures
-apply a biblical value system in my daily life and in planning for my future
-Stop being dependent on a worldly economic system of debt and over-consumption
-Gain freedom to serve God to the fullest with all my resources
-Store up for myself treasures in heaven.

Now I want to continue my journey of financial discipleship with Compass Europe!

How it works online

The programme includes 8 modules, each with 3 video lessons and a practical application block. Each lesson is followed by tasks in an interactive workbook, which help you to master the material and put it into practice. Discussing case studies helps a lot in this regard.

After a month of study and assignments, your trainer will run a special online session where you and your study group can share insights and discuss the challenges you’ve encountered in completing assignments and their practical application. Together we can find a solution to almost any issue!

What people say after finishing the Financial discipleship certification program

Radovan Ivanko from Slovakia shares his impressions and on the program telling that it is a great value for the time spent.


Next level in Financial Discipleship Journey – SHARE

How can I help others gain the same benefits from applying biblical financial principles? How does God want me to continue the journey of financial discipleship in His Kingdom?